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Prioritize yourself and make this commitment to you, for you, because you deserve to look good and to feel good! Be ready to increase the intensity of your workouts and remember to track your progress!

* Please note, due to the nature of our Fitness Guides as digital products, and our instant delivery process, all purchases of these products and other Digital Content Pieces sold by One Sol are non-refundable and non-cancellable.

Hi! I’m Victoria, your ONE SOL Fit Coach.

8-Weeks of Workouts

My 8-week workout guide can be taken from your home to the gym for a full body transformative experience.

It was very important for me to create a program that you can follow from anywhere you feel comfortable so that truly anyone can benefit from it. And with that, I’ve also designed this program to require minimal equipment.

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The Perfect Workout Guide

This program will take you through five workouts a week with two active rest days. Rest days are incredibly important for recovery and maximum results, so make sure you don’t skip those!

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