What They Won't Tell You About Gut Health

Gut health products have spread like wildfire in recent months. In fact, nearly every supplement brand has jumped on the trend and released their own version of it. But as health and wellness enthusiasts, we couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the misinformation and misleading marketing surrounding this new health fad. 

With our mission at ONESOL™ being our commitment to provide our customer base with the safest, cleanest, and most effective products out there, we decided to take it upon ourselves to create a product designed to support gut health and make you feel good from the inside out.

Through research, we discovered that most of these products that are marketed to help improve gut health and fight bloating are virtually ineffective at delivering their promises. See, most gut health products are made from dehydrated vegetables that are supposed to carry nutrients that help heal and maintain gut health. However, what’s not being discussed is how the process of dehydrating and packaging these vegetables actually kills off the important nutrients that are supposed to be healing your gut, making these products virtually ineffective. 

That’s why we decided to take it upon ourselves to come out with ONESOL™ GREENS- the first ever Greens product to combine all the pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, and plant-based nutrients your body needs to have you feeling brand new every single day, starting with your gut health. 

What is gut health?

Your gut is probably the most important part of your body- yet no one really talks about it.  From your nervous and immune systems to your mental health and digestive function, almost everything in your body is governed by your gut which is why it’s often referred to as your second brain. 

Primarily, your gut is responsible for digesting the foods you eat, absorbing the nutrients, and making sure your body is fueled and ready to go. It does this thanks to the millions of bacteria it contains that help us digest food, absorb and distribute nutrients, fight off infectious agents, and remove toxins and waste from your body. But it doesn’t end there.

More than 90% of your immune system, serotonin, and feel-good hormones are produced and released in the gut. That’s why maintaining gut health is crucial for not only your comfort and physical well-being, but for your mental health and mood too! 

An unhealthy gut means all of these functions are at jeopardy- whether you’re not digesting properly, you’re incapable of ridding your body of waste efficiently, or your hormones are completely out of whack affecting your mood and overall well-being. 

Signs you may have poor gut health

The issue with having poor gut health is that most of us are so used to it, we don’t even recognize we’re suffering. In fact, discomfort seems to have become the norm for most of us, so we go about our lives ignoring it. 

Seeing as the gut plays so many different roles in the body, it can be tricky to detect where these symptoms are coming from- given that we’re recognizing the symptoms to begin with. Here’s a list of physiology and psychological symptoms that often result from having poor gut health:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating
  • Loose stools
  • Constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty digesting/ excessive bloating
  • Brain fog
  • Bad mood
  • Headaches
  • Poor concentration/memory
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic pain
  • Trouble sleeping

As overwhelming as this list can get, it's even more important to ensure that your gut is in good condition. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to more severe side effects such as chronic disorders which are much harder to control and treat. 

How you can heal your gut

Healing your gut starts by adopting healthy eating habits. You want to stir away from processed foods and stick to whole foods as much as possible. You also want to eat smaller meals more frequently rather than larger meals spaced apart from each other. This takes the pressure off your gut and keeps it active and running round the clock. 

However, if you already follow what you believe are healthy eating habits and still don’t feel like you’re on your A-game, then that’s where ONESOL™ GREENS can help offer you some relief.

With pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins, and minerals to help support your gut, ONESOL™ GREENS is designed to have your insides feeling nice and sparkly, while giving you the satisfaction of having a delicious greens juice that’ll leave you feeling like ✨that girl✨.

With so much time spent in the research and development of this product, we are confident that ONESOL™ GREENS will become your one stop shop for all your feel-good needs. And as the wellness enthusiasts that we all are, we know this one’s going to steal your hearts as fast as it did ours. Because life is too short not to be living your best life. 

If you have any questions regarding our latest ONESOL™ GREENS feel free to reach out to our wonderful and committed customer care team at customercare@onesolsupp.com

With love, 

One Sol 🌞