Mushrooms in Your Preworkout??

Holistic healing and health practices have been all the rage in the past few years- and rightfully so!

While medicine and science have been an incredible advancement for our society and have helped the lives of millions, it remains imperative that we, as individuals, continue to stay connected with our bodies. 

And what’s the most popular holistic medicine going around right now? Mushrooms. 

That’s right, mushrooms have been growing more and more popular and their applications seem to be endless.

But what we’re going to be focusing on today is a special blend of adaptogenic mushrooms that have been shown to help improve performance in physical activity and overall health. That blend is called Peak O2™. 

What is Peak O2™?

Peak O2™ is an organic-certified combination of 6 adaptogenic mushrooms grown in the US. 

Adaptogenic mushrooms are a type of mushroom that increase the body’s resistance to physical, biological  and chemical stress so you can perform normally in stressful situations and protect yourself from stress-related damage. 

Its usage has shown to help improve your body’s ability to utilize oxygen during exercise which can help make you stronger and more alert. 

Some other benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms are:

  • Increased energy and focus
  • Increased endurance
  • Improved performance
  • Reduction in lactic acid
  • Promotes ATP production 

Due to its phenomenal health benefits and effect on performance, Peak O2™ has gained traction in the fitness community as a tool that lets people reach their goals faster.

With its ability to combat stress in the body and improve overall performance and health, we knew we wanted mushrooms to be an ingredient that we wanted to work with.

So that’s why we decided to come out with a pre workout that did more than just over-stimulate your body with harsh ingredients such as beta-alanine (that’s the stuff makes you itch).

How OneSol™ Pre Workout is just ~built different~

Our mission at OneSol™ is to help young women, just like you and I, turn their desire to improve their bodies and their health into a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle. 

That’s why we invest in our products and work hard to make them the best that we can. 

We knew that pre workout was going to be an important product to release, but we also knew that we wanted to do something special. 

We didn’t want our pre workout to be like that of any of our competitors.

So when we learned about Peak O2, we thought- perfect

Because this special blend of organic mushrooms allowed us to do what no other pre workout on the market was able to do!

We were able to curate a pre workout that helped you get all the energy you need on those days where you just need a little push while staying in line with our values as a health and fitness brand. 

And, not only does our pre workout do what it’s supposed to do and wake you up before your workout, but it also helps with your focus, recovery, endurance, and performance in physical activity!

All thanks to 6 organic mushrooms grown here in our very own United States. 

If you’re interested in trying our pre workout after reading this article, simply click here and you’ll be redirected to our product page where you can learn more about how it’s made and the best way to use. As always, all our products are proudly vegan, gluten free, soy free, GMO free, and made with love.