Creatine: The Girls Who Get It, Get It.

Creatine is by far the most researched supplement in the fitness industry. It’s also the least used supplement by women. 

The reason for this is quite simple: Creatine is marketed as a supplement to help men build muscle, a lot faster.

And while it does help with muscle growth, this angle has been misleading women for years.

That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to bust this myth and tell you the truth about Creatine (and why you should start taking it right now!)

Creatine is a molecule used by your muscles to produce energy. Your body absorbs it from the foods you eat and feeds it to your muscles to use as fuel.

Food sources for Creatine are very limited, however.  It's predominantly found in red meat but in very low amounts. (To put it into perspective, you’d have to eat about 500g of red meat a day to see any improvement.)

That’s over a pound of red meat… Every. Single. Day.

Even meat lovers can admit that’s a lot. 

So, why should you take Creatine? The answer is simple: it has no downsides! (AND all the benefits to gain from it!)

Whether you’re trying to get lean or build muscle, Creatine can and will speed up your progress by at least 30%

So you never have to leave the gym feeling unsatisfied with your workout ever again.

And the best part is you don't need to change your routine!

It’s completely flavorless, it kicks in instantly, and most importantly, it works.

All you have to do is add a scoop or two to your water, and voila! Instant results.

So there you have it! Click here to join the girls who get it.