How to Snack Successfully

Let’s be real, everyone loves to snack. But your love for snacks can quickly turn into a love/hate relationship when you’re chasing fitness goals. 

Regardless if you’re bulking or cutting, what goes into your body dictates the outcome of your results. And this can make snacking quite a daunting experience. 

Do you go for that slice of cake after dinner? Do you dare go into the pantry for a little nibble after you get home from running errands? 

If you find yourself constantly battling the urge to enjoy your favorite snacks, you’re right where you ought to be. Because snacking can easily become a problem when it’s poorly planned. 

The good news is you don’t have to cut out your favorite snacks. You can still enjoy the same treats you love, and without compromising on taste, or your goals! It all comes down to the ingredients and the choices we’re used to making. 

The snacks we’re used to loving and easily gravitate towards are usually those most accessible to us in grocery or corner stores. And because these are all big chain corporations, what’s most accessible to us is usually easy to make, mass produced, preservative loaded junk. 

Listen, I get it, these corporations need to make their profit. But as a result, you’re feeding your body snacks that leave you feeling sluggish, unsatisfied, or worse- preventing you from treating your body right. 

But if all it takes to treat my body right and nourish it to be in its best shape is to be a little more conscious of what I'm putting in it - that’s an easy sell. 

And let me tell you, in today’s day and age, there are PLENTY of alternatives and healthy “dupes” to your favorite snacks.

So without further ado, here are some of our Top 10 Favorite Healthy Snack Alternatives, that are not only nutrient dense, but that will also truly leave you feeling satisfied and guilt-free. 

Top 10 healthy snack alternatives

1. Homemade fruit salad with low-fat greek yogurt and honey 

High in protein, healthy fats and carbs, and fiber from your favorite fruit, a good yogurt bowl can really hit the spot and do what food is supposed to do - fuel your body. 

Drizzle on some honey and nuts or granola for extra crunch, and you’ve got a perfect snack right in the palm of your hand. 

2. Cucumbers and Tajin  

If you’re looking for something light, fresh, and that has a little zing to it, cucumbers and tajin are not only one of OUR favorites, but Booty King’s too! 

Yes, the very Booty King himself enjoys a daily cucumber and tajin combo to keep that inner snack gremlin at bay. 

Pro tip - you don’t have to stick to only cucumbers! Add some slices of mango or your other favorite fruit and have yourself a joyful little break that just feels like a hot sunny day. 

3. Homemade trail mix! 

Okay, this one may just be an assortment of nuts and dried fruit or chocolate, but buying your actual favorite nuts, low calorie chocolate chips, and low sugar dried fruit can not only save you money, but it’ll also save you some calories. 

Pair it with a protein shake (I usually keep 4-5 One Sol Protein Packets in my car and gym bag) and you have a complete snack on the go! 

4. Protein Chips

This might sound strange, but my absolute favorite snack growing up was simple salty potato chips dipped with greek yogurt. My mom would have some every night when we would watch TV and I always reached in for more. 

The salt from the chips with the tang from the yogurt just do it for me okay?

But when I started getting serious about my goals, I tried every single alternative to chips I could find. I’m not going to sit here and lie and tell you that they all sucked. Some of them were really good. 

But what I will tell you is that the Snack House Savory Puffs all did it for me. They hit the sweet spot. I even started crushing them up and using them as breading for homemade chicken nuggets! 

And if you wanna talk about no-guilt, these chips are made with protein only. They contain like 3g carbs for 15g of protein per serving. So hello protein intake!

And if you’re more of a sweet tooth, their sweet puffs are my cereal dupes. Try the wildberry one- trust. me. 

5. Rice cakes

I know, I know, rice cakes are boring but the very thing that makes them boring is what makes them so customizable! 

Spread on some peanut butter, top with honey, add some fruit and you have an elaborate low calorie dessert like snack right there. This specific snack is actually written into my meal plan. You can count on me having it every day and washing it down with a One Sol Protein Shake

6. Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is easy, but it does require prepping it the night before. However, when you do get into the habit of having some ready to go, it can be a really nice treat that you can customize to whatever flavor combination you prefer! It’s so versatile and full of micronutrients and tastes and feels like a dream.  

PS- I like mixing in some protein just to make sure I hit all my macro goals ;)

7. Daddies 

If you have a sweet tooth and can’t quite shake off wanting to nibble on some good ol’ candy, Snack House Daddies might just be the snack for you. I mean, they taste just like chocolate covered peanut M&Ms except they have 9g of Fiber, 5g of Protein, 0g of added sugar, and only 140 calories per bag! 

I personally did not mind having a late night snack I can eat in bed while watching an episode of my current show and not feeling guilty about it! 

8. Protein Ice Cream

Listen, when I found out you can make ice cream at home using nothing but protein powder, milk, ice, and xanthan gum, I was pretty upset. 

Because do you know how much sooner I’d be having ice cream everyday?!? 

No but seriously, protein ice cream is the funnest way to get your protein in- especially if you supplement with protein powder!

And the good thing is, you can make it using just a blender! Although the Ninja Creami Recipe is super satisfying to watch. 

9. Stuffed Dates

I have to warn you, the moment you try these, you might get addicted. But stuffed dates (i prefer medjool dates because they’re juicier), nut butter, and unsweetened chocolate chips. 

Slice your dates right down the middle, scoop out the seed, stuff in some of your nut butter of choice, and 2-3 of the chocolate chips and enjoy. 

10. Anything you like! 

I know I spent this entire article giving you different ideas on how to snack successfully, but the truth is, there’s no such thing as “good” or “bad” foods. Good or bad eating habits? Yes. But there is no food that is inherently good or bad for you. 

It’s all about moderation and portion control. I mean, if I ate just 10 of those stuffed dates I’d probably feel pretty sick. Or if I lost control with the protein ice cream, my stomach would get quite upset. Same thing goes for cookies, chips, cereal, candy, and all your favorite snacks. 

The takeaway is make good choices, eat in moderation, and plan ahead. Most of the snacks I listed here are part of my daily life. They help me satisfy cravings and stick to my meal plan with no worry. 

But if I ever really want a cookie, the truth is I’ll just have one! But because I don’t deprive myself by including these healthy snack alternatives into my everyday life, chances are I’ll have one cookie and be happy. And the same goes for all the other snacks I might crave here and there.